First Lady Michelle Obama Says “There is no crack in our pies.”

July 1, 2014

President Obama joked that White House pies are so good they must contain crack cocaine during a Monday event to celebrate LGBT Pride Month.
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NSFW: Lady Gaga Goes Nude In Weird Yoga Video

August 8, 2013
Lady Gaga

A video just surfaced, featuring a naked, hairless, crystal-hugging Gaga doing a meditation exercise inspired by Marina Abramovic
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Meredith Vieira drops S-bomb on ‘Today’ Show [Video]

January 3, 2013
Hoda Kotb and Meredith Vieira on 'Today'

Meredith Vieira, who is substituting on Today for Kathie Lee Gifford, home recovering from a root canal, came back from commercial this morning with a loud, "Oh, Sh*t!"
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Vatican: World not ending on Mayan End Date of December 21st 2012

December 12, 2012

Rumors about the Myan Calander & End of the World in 2012 have been commonplace on the Internet for some time
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Dmitry Medvedev Jokes about Secret Files on Aliens

December 8, 2012
Dmitry Medvedev

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that he has two folders containing secret files about aliens that are currently walking among us.
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Mayan End Date Stirs Panic Worldwide

December 8, 2012
Cubans participate in a Mayan ritual at Bacuranao beach in eastern Havana. Photo: AFP/Getty

A rash of panic buying of candles and essentials in Russia and China, and a surge in sales of survival shelters in the United States, doomsday panic is in full swing.
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Socialism and Capitalism Merriam-Webster’s Top Words Of 2012

December 5, 2012

Merriam Webster, the dictionary people, have determined that Americans swept up by election-year rhetoric looked up "socialism" and "capitalism" more than any other words in 2012
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Halle Berry’s ex arrested after fight at her house

November 22, 2012

Halle Berry's home was the scene of a fight on Thanksgiving Day involving her ex-boyfriend and fiance.
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Lindsay Lohan Attempts Comeback By Hosting SNL

March 4, 2012
Lindsay Lohan

Life seems to be on the upswing for Lohan. Lindsay Lohan made a triumphant return to U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live as she poked fun at her legal woes, drug problems and lesbian past.
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Robin Thicke Arrested For Marijuana Possession In New York City

February 18, 2012

Singer Robin Thicke was arrested in Manhattan for marijuana possession. The award-winning R&B crooner was arrested at 12:25 p.m. smoking a joint while sitting in a Cadillac Escalade.
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