Public Meeting Scheduled Next Week On South Shore Gas Pipeline Plan

Originally published: January 4, 2015

The proposed port will be located approximately 19 miles south of Jones Beach, New York

Long Beach, NY (MorichesDaily) – Debate will resume this week on a decision to bring a pair of liquefied natural gas pipelines just off Long Island’s South Shore.

Under what is called the “Port Ambrose” project, Liberty would build a $300 million system consisting of two buoys, two pipelines and a 22-mile main, just about 19 miles south of Jones Beach. The main would link up to an existing natural-gas pipeline system that serves Long Island and New York City.

A tanker, which would cost $300 million, would carry up to 3.75 billion cubic feet of liquefied natural gas, mostly from the Caribbean, and turn it into a gas before pumping it through the buoys, according to the plan.

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Liberty Natural Gas, the company that proposes the plan says the pipelines would stabilize gas prices in the region and create jobs. But residents and activists say the project lacks economic feasibility, and would put the environment and surrounding communities at risk. Some residents say investments should be made into “green” energy sources.

Some say they aren’t sure that Liberty Natural Gas is not planning to use the station to export gas to other countries that would pay up to six times the going rate here.

A public hearing on the Port Ambrose proposal is being held in Queens next week. Some South Shore residents are angered that the meeting isn’t being held in the South Shore communities that they say the project would most affect.

The company says the gas is odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive, will not pollute waters if spilled, as it quickly evaporates and leaves no slick or residue behind and is safer and much less volatile than CNG, LPG, gasoline, diesel or ethanol.

The public hearing will be held on Jan. 7 at the Hilton New York JFK Airport.

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