Poverty in US: Foodstamp Use Hits All time High

Originally published: December 10, 2012
Updated: December 29, 2014 at 11:08 am

It is now looking quite possible that the US could end 2012 with just over a staggering 50 million Americans living in absolute poverty

Hicksville, NY (Moriches Daily) — Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, reached another high in September, according to new data released by the United Stated Department of Agriculture.

The most recent data on SNAP participation was released Friday, and showed that 47,710,324 people were enrolled in the program in September, an increase of 607,559 from the 47,102,765 enrolled in August.

The number of households enrolled in the program also increased from 22,684,463 in August to 22,973,698 in September, an increase of 289,235. The average benefit, according to the new data, was $134.29 per person and $278.89 per household.

It is unclear who will get the blame for this unprecedented surge in poverty, which comes at a time when the pre-election economic data may have been manipulated to look outstanding.

We do know that after Hurricane Sandy hit, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered $65 million in new food stamp money to be automatically placed into the hands of families who live in storm ravaged areas.

“Hurricane Sandy left many residents in downstate regions of New York State without the most basic of necessities, such as shelter and food,” Governor Cuomo said. “These partial replacement SNAP benefits will help families replace food lost from the storm and restock their kitchens. I thank Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Undersecretary Kevin Concannon for their support and quick action on approving our requests for assistance.”

Even still however Texas, California, and Florida were the states with the most recipients, the Agriculture Department reported.

The USDA says, its numbers factor in those on SNAP as a means of disaster assistance, though the September numbers do not include people enrolled in the program due to Hurricane Sandy, which hit in late October.

It is now looking quite possible that the US could end 2012 with just over a staggering 50 million Americans living in absolute poverty and collecting the $134.29 average monthly benefit per person. The painful reality in America: for increasingly more it is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income – to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work.

Welcome to the recovery?

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