NYC gas rationing extended through Thanksgiving

Originally published: November 18, 2012
Updated: December 29, 2014 at 11:08 am

New York City Mayor Bloomberg has announced that he is extending the gas rationing system in place since Superstorm Sandy through the Thanksgiving holiday.

The announcement came Sunday from the Mayor that the odd-even license plate system would be in effect through Friday. Bloomberg said that with 30 percent of stations still closed and a major travel week coming up, the extension would ensure there aren’t the long lines that brought about the system in the first place.

Drivers can get gas on alternate days based on whether their license plate ends with odd or even numbers. The 70’s style rationing went into effect in the city on Nov. 9 in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Damage to gas stations and distribution networks had led to hours-long lines.

Gas rationing has already ended in New Jersey and on Long Island.

Slightly more Americans will hit the road this Thanksgiving, according to AAA. But they’ll take shorter trips to save on gas and other costs as household budgets remain tight.

In its annual Thanksgiving travel forecast, AAA predicts 43.6 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the holiday, up just 0.7 percent from last year. That compares with healthier growth of 8 and 6 percent, respectively, in the last two years. Thanksgiving travel fell by 25 percent in 2008, the first full holiday season after the recession began.

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