Firmware update causes “Bricked” Wii U consoles?

Originally published: November 19, 2012
Updated: December 29, 2014 at 11:08 am

According to reports if a user interrupts the roughly 5GB download it can render the new Wii U console useless.

Nintendo has released a critical launch-day firmware update that is causing major upset for some new Wii U owners, according to reports circulating online. Consoles that lose power while the massive new system software is being downloaded and installed are reportedly being bricked.

Ars Technica reports users on Twitter and gaming forums around the Internet are reporting that their system was rendered useless by an interruption during the roughly 5GB download, which in most cases can take over an hour to complete.

While most users are reporting power interruptions as the cause of the bricked consoles, some reports suggest that losing an Internet connection during the download may cause similar problems.

Without the firmware update the Wii U it isn’t useful for much more than playing games. The launch-day update is needed to activate system features ranging from the new Miiverse social network and online eShop to the ability to play older Wii games on the system.

L.A. Times reporter Ben Fritz in a series of tweets you can see below details his experience with the problem:

So is there some secret way to hard reset a Wii U? Cause mine is totally busted

Warning: don’t unplug your Wii U during the 2 hour plus software update or the console stops working.

Since the console is bricked, my Wii U tryout party has turned into a “Predator” viewing party.

seriously. I never played a single game and now as far as I can tell its unusable.

Nintendo has yet to issue an official comment on the bricked consoles, but those new systems will still be covered by the company’s standard 12-month warranty and should be freely replaced.

Of course, there is an easy solution to the Wii U’s problem: just don’t turn it off. if you aren’t careful you might have a $350 paperweight. The fact that the firmware is a hefty 5GB, and well, it’s hard to keep those kids from touching a new toy – you can see some people getting very frustrated.

Talkback – Do you have a bricked Wii U?

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