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Originally published: July 22, 2010
Updated: December 29, 2014 at 10:47 am

How much outrage can a single multinational corporation inspire? How much damage can they inflict? The breathtaking new film, The World According to Monsanto, featuring a company whose only rival may be BP.

Based on a painstaking investigation, this documentary pieces together the story of Monsanto, a century-old corporation with a controversial past and today’s leader in genetically modified crops. Monsanto claims it wants to solve world hunger and protect the environment, but its quest for market supremacy is to the detriment of global food security and environmental stability.

The World According to Monsanto delves into one of the largest chemical companies in history, regarded by many as one of the world’s great corporate villains.The World According to Monsanto is a chilling documentary that dives into the who, what, when, where, why and how of one of the world’s largest chemical/agriculture companies.

This is one of the most powerful, must see films for anyone interested in the behind the scenes world of the food industry, and how just one world dominating corporation holds the keys and patents to much of the worlds food supply.

From Iowa to Paraguay, from England to India, Monsanto is uprooting our food supply and replacing it with their patented genetically engineered creations. And along the way, farmers, communities, and nature become collateral damage. Monsanto’s controversial past combines some of the most toxic products ever sold with misleading reports, pressure tactics, collusion, and attempted corruption. With a 2006 sales figure of $7.5 billion and operations in 46 countries, Monsanto is the world leader in genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as well as one of the most controversial corporations in industrial history. Since its founding in 1901, the company has faced trial after trial due to the toxicity of its products, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polystyrene, devastating herbicides like Agent Orange, used during the Vietnam War. Today, Monsanto has reinvented itself as a “life sciences” company converted to the virtues of sustainable development. They now race to genetically engineer (and patent) the world’s food supply, which profoundly threatens our health, environment, and economy. Combining secret documents with first-hand accounts by victims, scientists, and politicians, this powerful film exposes why Monsanto has become the world’s poster child for malignant corporate influence in government and technology. USA, 2008, 108 min.; Dir. Marie-Monique Robin .

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